Monday, January 21, 2013

Under Construction

I haven't written for public consumption in a few years & figured 2013 would be a good year to get back into it.  My life is comparatively dull with others, but it does have some great peaks & valleys, occasional twists & turns, awesomely great highs & scraping the bottom deeper sort of lows.  I would hope some will find my blathering tripe interesting &/ or useful, but if not; fuck 'em!  This blog is will be written by me for me & if by chance some are entertained, helped &/ or delightful to others, yay!  My life has been a sort of affected by my physical limitations due to shitty health from a crazy sort of immune disease which may or may not be systemic lupus & I've let it control me for far too long.  My doctors have done well in their mission to keep me alive & have saw to it to give me a list of things NOT to do. a never ending list of limitation after limitation combined with things absolutely forbidden & I refuse to keep living this way.  If I die due to testing these limitations & prohibitions, at least I will have attempted to LIVE & not just survive.  As I've said many times before; "Life is a party & I'm the hostess." So that's that for now.  My lame introduction, or reintroduction (depending on if you've read my drivel elsewhere in the past) is done. I hope to share my hopes, dreams, wishes, day to day minutia & occasional giggle or leaky eye moments with this *eye roll* "blog."  Check back later in the week to see if I kept with with my intentions.  If not, at least I tried to & always remember the "proverb;" The road to hell is paved with good intentions.